Writing Services

I have always loved writing and words come to me very naturally.  I love nothing more than a poem challenge!!  Give me a few notes on the topic and away I go!!  Please contact me for any of your writing needs - big or small.  I do copy for websites, social media articles, press releases etc and also write poems and speeches.  Below is an example of a poem I wrote in the car on the way to a 60th :)

We are all here to celebrate
a very special and notorious date
XXXX has turned 21 again
She is blessed to be surrounded by family and friends
Neigbours we have been for over 25 years
We've shared happiness, laughter and tears
From champagne and chocolates on Christmas Day
To collecting mail when you are away
Its been a special friendship that started in XXXXX Road
We talk almost daily, over the highs and the lows
Close friends our kids have become
Over the years they've had so much fun
From holding dance concerts that entertained the street
To swimming to all hours to escape the heat
For XXXX certain traditions have become the norm
Like spending Oaks Day drinking sparkling on the lawn
She takes her winnings made two days before
At our famous Cup Day parties where betting is law
Or maybe you've received one of XXXX'S sweet treats
Her famous lolly bags are given generously to keep
Come September you will find her in red, white and black
Her support of the Saints stays strong, even when the coach is sacked.
When you are tired, emotional, run down or sick
At your front door you will find a warm dish
She is known for her crazy laugh and good sense of humour
No one else could pull off being called a "cougar"
To my dear friend XXXX Dart
I can't imagine us living streets apart
Shall we forever cross the road for a cheeky glass of wine
And may we continue to share many more good times